X Ray Machine

X Ray Machine

​Used for testing winding conditions, product quality, damaged parts.Examples are: magnesium rod density, the internal structure of the cartilage heater, the condition of heating tube wiring, and band heater X Ray Machine


Used for testing winding conditions, product quality, damaged parts.Examples are: magnesium rod density, the internal structure of the cartilage heater, the condition of heating tube wiring, and band heater


X Ray Machine

JC1 ordinary X-ray machine (50 field of view)
JC8 hd enhanced version of the X-ray machine (50 field of view) for customers to choose.
Portable X-ray primer is a small (micro) X-ray machine that can achieve the purpose of X-ray imaging.
Portable X-ray machine is mainly composed of the X-ray tube and power supply and control circuit and so on, and the X-ray tube and the Anode and cathode filament (Cathod) target (Anode) and vacuum glass tubes, provides the high voltage electric field accelerates a filament on the active flow to the cathode, formed a high-speed electron flow.
High-speed electron flow through the object, through the portable X-ray machine processing, generate perspective screen.


X Ray Machine

Portable medical X-ray machines are also called portable medical X-ray machines or medical X-ray fluorometers.
This kind of X-ray machine is suitable for medical use, mainly used in clinics, township health centers, athlete training departments and school infirmary departments.
Due to its low cost, low X-ray dose (high safety degree), simple operation, small size, most of them can be connected to a computer for processing and printing, etc., it meets the equipment gap of medical institutions that cannot accommodate large X-ray equipment, and is favored by many medical industries and workers.

Type medical portable portable X-ray machine is mainly used for: an essential tool for surgery, especially in orthopedics hospital doctors, doors, emergency, home visit, patient rounds and surgical field X-ray fluoroscopy over checking, closed reduction of limbs fracture fixation, needle, bodies, especially for the installation of bowstring intramedullary nail or supporting the use of external fixation support works best when the newborn babies and young children's X-ray fluoroscopy and gynecology

Instrument features:
X Ray Machine

No dark room, no protection, real-time observation;
Small size, light weight, easy to diagnose;
Low radiation dose, safe and reliable protection, to ensure the health of doctors;
High sensitivity, spatial resolution image intensifier, give you a brand new visual effect;
Can be equipped with film system and television monitoring system.

Technical parameters
X Ray Machine

1. Field of view: 50mm (for users to choose);
2. Resolution: 36IP/cm;
3. Output screen brightness: >6cd/cm;
4. Maximum spacing: 300mm;
5. Tube voltage: 65-80kv;
6. Tube target flow :0.2-0.5mA;
7. Contrast ratio: 4%;
8. Grayscale: level 7;
9. Leakage ray: <5mR/h;
10. Weight of main engine: 5kg;
11. Power consumption: 60W;
12. Power supply: 220VAC.

Operation method:

X Ray Machine

1. Remove the main engine from the packaging box and insert the power output plug of the power box into the socket on the whole machine;
2. Connect the power plug to the 220V power supply. The green indicator light on the power supply should be on, and then put the observed object into the detection interval (as close as possible to the imaging device).
3, The instrument automatically shut down after a minute of work, stop a few seconds, can be turned on again, repeated use, can be directly viewed on the display.

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