Cast Heaters

  • Aluminium Heater Plate

    Aluminium Heater Plate

    The aluminum heater plate produced by our factory has a wide variety of specifications. We have three production lines, which can produce and process quickly.

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  • Cast Copper Heater

    Cast Copper Heater

    Power: We generally do it according to 8W per square centimeter. The Cast copper heater can be made into various shapes: round plate, long plate, triangle, cylinder, square plate, Hough, round rod, long strip, wing, and so on.

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  • Cast Brass Heater

    Cast Brass Heater

    Our company can produce the cast brass heater of most specifications. The cast brass heater is an electric heater with a tubular electric heating element as the heating element and high-quality copper material as the shell by die-casting.

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  • Cast Iron Band Heater

    Cast Iron Band Heater

    The surface load of the Cast Iron Band Heater can reach 4.5-6.0w/c㎡, and the working temperature range is generally between 0-750℃.

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  • Cast In Heaters

    Cast In Heaters

    Cast in Heaters is an electric heater with a tubular electric heating element as a heating element, which is bent into a mold and is formed by die-casting or centrifugal casting with a good carbon steel material as the shell.

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  • Aluminum Casting Heater

    Aluminum Casting Heater

    ​Casting heater is a tubular electric heating element for heating body, and bending molding, into the mold with high quality metal alloy material for shell in centrifugal cast into various shapes, a round,Aluminum Casting Heater

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  • Right Angle Aluminum Casting Electric Heaters

    Right Angle Aluminum Casting Electric Heaters

    ​TS heater are leading manufacturer, Importers and Service Provider of Aluminum Cast-In Heaters and our product is made up of good quality.Right Angle Aluminum Casting Electric Heaters

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  • Cast in Heater

    Cast in Heater

    ​Cast-in liquid cooled barrel heaters are the most common cast -in heater design. The liquid cooling tubes run symmetrical to the heater element, which provides a uniform cooling pattern across the body of the casting.Cast in Heater

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  • Cast Aluminum Heaters

    Cast Aluminum Heaters

    ​Cast aluminum heater is mainly used for extrusion and casting moulding machines. It has a wide application in various machinery industries. The operation temperature can reach up to 300°C (Aluminium).Cast Aluminum Heaters

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We're well-known as one of the leading cast heaters manufacturers and suppliers in China for our quality products and custom service. Please feel free to buy or wholesale bulk cast heaters at competitive price from our factory.In the production process, we formulate strict technical procedures and testing requirements to ensure the quality of the mica sheets for crafts, ss square pipe, quartz heating element.