Ceramic Heater

  • Ceramic Heater Plate

    Ceramic Heater Plate

    ​Ceramic Heater Plate are manufactured in a casting process embedding the resistance wire in the ceramic material. Standard colors are black and traditional white.

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  • Ceramic Infrared Heater Bowl

    Ceramic Infrared Heater Bowl

    The ceramic infrared heater bowl uses ceramic strips to penetrate the heating wire, and the heat transfer is very fast. Our company can produce any specifications.

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  • Ceramic Heat Lamp

    Ceramic Heat Lamp

    New technology, 99% thermal efficiency. The ceramic heat lamp has a life span of 8-10 times longer than that of the red light bulb, and saves electricity by 30%.

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  • Flat Ceramic Heating Element

    Flat Ceramic Heating Element

    While the resistance heats up, it also obtains the strong infrared rays of the ceramic itself, which greatly improves the electrothermal conversion rate. The test shows that the electrothermal conversion rate can reach more than 99.6%.

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  • Curve Ceramic Heater Plate

    Curve Ceramic Heater Plate

    The curve ceramic heater plate has eight standard power levels, ranging from 125W to 1000W. We have many specifications for you to choose from. We can also help you produce the products you need.

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  • Infrared Ceramic Heater Plate

    Infrared Ceramic Heater Plate

    The Infrared ceramic heater plate has eight standard power levels, ranging from 125W to 1000W. Our company manufactures many kinds of products for you to choose from.

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  • Ceramic Heating Plate

    Ceramic Heating Plate

    Compared with the traditional heating method, the ceramic heating plate has many advantages such as fast heating speed, good quality of new products, small equipment area, low production cost, and high heating efficiency.

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  • Ceramic Infrared Heating Element

    Ceramic Infrared Heating Element

    The ceramic infrared heating element produced by our company has complete specifications and can be customized according to customer needs.

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  • Ceramic Ir Heater

    Ceramic Ir Heater

    The ceramic ir heater is a kind of component that requires a very high working temperature in modern industry. Our company can produce ceramic ir heaters of any specifications.

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  • Ceramic Heating Elements

    Ceramic Heating Elements

    Brand: TS Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China Specifications: all specifications Features: High thermal efficiency, uniform heating.

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  • Bobbin Heaters

    Bobbin Heaters

    Brand: TS Service life: 3800 (h) We can manufacture bobbin heaters of any specification

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  • Ceramic Bobbin Heater

    Ceramic Bobbin Heater

    Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China Brand: TS Power: 3.5 (KW) Working temperature: 500 (℃) Voltage 220 (V) Heating medium: radiant heating Our factory can customize any ceramic bobbin heaters

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