• 16/Dec


    How to design an electric heating tube resistant to acid and alkali?

    In industrial equipment, it is very common for electric heating tubes to heat acid-base liquids. The proper choice of acid-base electric heating tubes can extend the life of the electric heating tubes, extend the life of industrial equipment, and reduce the cost of industrial equ

  • 25/Sep


    copper vs brass hardness

    Copper vs brass a manufacturer tells you a comparison of hardness, stiffness and strength between copper and brass.copper vs brass hardness

  • 29/Sep


    tubular heater manufacturing process

    The electric heating tube is an extremely common heating element in daily electric heating appliances, and is mainly suitable for some household electric heating appliances. The quality and performance of the electric heating pipe and its stability have a direct impact on the ser

  • 23/Sep


    brass band heating

    The heating wire is in close contact with the copper sleeve and occupies little space with good heating effect.Copper cover surface utilization rate is high, low cost;The protection effect of connecting components is good, which makes the heating wire not easy to bend, the insula