• Thermocouples


    Thermocouples are commonly used temperature measuring components in temperature measuring instruments. Our factory has been producing thermocouples for fifteen years, and now our factory can produce all types of thermocouples.

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  • Thermocouple Types

    Thermocouple Types

    In industrial temperature measurement, thermocouples are widely used. They have many advantages, such as simple structure, convenient manufacturing, wide measurement range, high precision, low inertia, and easy remote transmission of...

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  • J Style Thermocouple

    J Style Thermocouple

    j style thermocouple,Thermocouple temperature probe is a kind of simple measuring thermocouple, j style thermocouple, k type thermocouple and many other thermocouple is the use of thermodynamic principle of the work will heat energy...

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  • K Type Thermocouple Range

    K Type Thermocouple Range

    Using a thermocouple will allow higher temperature readings than conventional thermistors.The k thermocouple has a temperature range of 0-600 ℃, which is more than enough for any thermocouple on the market.K Type Thermocouple Range

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  • RTD PT100

    RTD PT100

    ​RTD PT100 is suitable for the measurement of liquids and gases across a wide temperature range of -50 to +300°C and the 3 wire Class sensor gives excellent accuracy across the full measuring range.The lead wire is usually copper...

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  • RTD PT100 Sensor

    RTD PT100 Sensor

    RTD PT100 Sensor These rigid sensors have a stainless steel welded closure end sheath.The Pt100 sensor is 10mm long and sits on top of the jacket, which means a minimum immersion depth of at least 50mm.The sensor is rated at 250 ° C.RTD...

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  • Temperature Sensor RTD PT100

    Temperature Sensor RTD PT100

    Temperature Sensor RTD PT100 Terminals: aluminium head with threaded cover and chain, different types of terminals. The end of the element is a nickel-plated brass terminal mounted on a high purity ceramic terminal block.Temperature...

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  • K Type Thermocouple

    K Type Thermocouple

    K Type Thermocouple ​Type K is very common in nuclear applications due to its relative radiation hardness.The highest continuous temperature is about 1100℃.Type K thermocouples usually work in most applications because they are...

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