Thermostat and Thermocouple

Thermocouple is a commonly used temperature measuring element in temperature measuring instruments. It directly measures the temperature and converts the temperature signal into a thermoelectric electromotive force signal, which is converted into the temperature of the measured medium by an electrical instrument (secondary instrument). The appearance of various thermocouples is often different due to the need, but their basic structure is generally the same, usually by the hot electrode, insulation sleeve protection tube and junction box and other main parts, usually with display instrument, recording instrument and electronic regulator matching use.

  • Thermocouples


    Thermocouples are commonly used temperature measuring components in temperature measuring instruments. Our factory has been producing thermocouples for fifteen years, and now our factory can produce all types of thermocouples.

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  • Thermocouple Types

    Thermocouple Types

    In industrial temperature measurement, thermocouples are widely used. They have many advantages, such as simple structure, convenient manufacturing, wide measurement range, high precision, low inertia, and easy remote transmission of...

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  • J Style Thermocouple

    J Style Thermocouple

    j style thermocouple,Thermocouple temperature probe is a kind of simple measuring thermocouple, j style thermocouple, k type thermocouple and many other thermocouple is the use of thermodynamic principle of the work will heat energy...

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  • Capillary Thermostat

    Capillary Thermostat

    Capillary Thermostat ​The thermostat we produce is suitable for heater thermostat, frying pan thermostat, electric iron thermostat, oil temperature thermostat, oil temperature thermostat, oven thermostat.And so on.Capillary Thermostat

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  • KSD301 Thermostat

    KSD301 Thermostat

    ​KSD301 is recognized by organizations around the world and is widely used for regulating thermal switches, overtemperature controls, or pilot work control switches, depending on its configuration and applicatio,KSD301 Thermostat

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  • Digital Celsius Thermostat

    Digital Celsius Thermostat

    Intelligent digital pressure instrument, all position plate operation, and PT series pressure sensors, suitable for chemical fiber, plastic machinery, hydraulic pressure, die casting, central air conditioning system Digital Celsius...

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  • temperature controller

    temperature controller

    Our company produces temperature controllers, which are sold directly by the factory, with quality assurance, preferential prices, and fast delivery.

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  • Thermocouple Connection Head

    Thermocouple Connection Head

    Thermocouple Connection Head ​The isolated HART intelligent temperature transmitter (round card) is used for the signal input of resistance temperature detector (RTD) and thermocouple (TC) and 4 - 20mA analog output of the two-wire...

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  • Thermocouple Terminal Block

    Thermocouple Terminal Block

    Thermocouple Terminal Block ​A terminal block (also known as a connection block) is a process sensor (thermocouple, RTD or other sensor or sensor) terminated within the thermocouple head.We offer KNE, KSE, KD, MAA and NAA series...

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  • Thermocouple Wire Connector

    Thermocouple Wire Connector

    ​Thermocouple connectors are specially designed to allow thermocouples to connect and disconnect quickly from extension wires.The connector pair consists of a male plug and a female jack.The male plug will have two single thermocouples...

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  • Thermocouple Socket

    Thermocouple Socket

    Thermocouple Socket Thermocouple yellow plug, connecting device, the precision of temperature thermocouple wire connector is generally used to line the connection between the recorder and temperature, by a male plug and a socket, make...

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  • Thermocouple Plug

    Thermocouple Plug

    ​Thermocouple connectors have two types of pins.Standard size plugs have polarization round pins.Polarized pins prevent connection mismatches.Thermocouple connectors can also be ordered in smaller Thermocouple Plug

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