Teflon Heaters

Teflon heater includes teflon electric heater, teflon steam heater and teflon hot water heater.The chemical properties of teflon are extremely stable, especially the corrosion resistance.Teflon tube wall surface is smooth, and has moderate flexibility, the use of slight vibration, so it is not easy to scale.Teflon heater is small in size and compact in structure. The heat transfer area per unit volume of the equipment is more than 4 times that of the shell heater of metal tube.The flexible teflon tube can work safely in the impact and vibration of the fluid, and the tube bundle can be made into various special shapes as required.Teflon has low thermal conductivity, poor mechanical properties compared with metal, and is not resistant to high temperature.Small diameter, thin tube wall, although to compensate the thermal conductivity and mechanical properties, but only for lower pressure and lower temperature occasions.

  • Teflon Immersion Heater

    Teflon Immersion Heater

    This mosquito coil type Teflon immersion heater is used for bottom heating. The electric heating tube is made of high-quality stainless steel (SUS304), and the outer jacket is made of (PTFE), which has strong corrosion resistance. It is...

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  • Teflon Heaters Price

    Teflon Heaters Price

    The jacket of Teflon heaters is a new type of strong corrosion-resistant electric heater made of PTFE sleeve, which is used for heating various corrosive liquids. It has excellent aging resistance and good corrosion resistance and...

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  • Heater Flange

    Heater Flange

    The heater flange adopts the flange sealing form, which is characterized by high flange sealing strength, good matching, excellent sealing and simple installation. The greater the power, the higher the requirements for stability. The...

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  • Ptfe Immersion Heaters For Electroplate

    Ptfe Immersion Heaters For Electroplate

    ptfe immersion heaters,Due to its strong corrosion resistance, ptfe immersion heater is widely used in the heating of trioxide polishing, chemical gold plating, electroless silver plating, electroless nickel plating and various chemical...

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  • PTFE Immersion Heater

    PTFE Immersion Heater

    PTFE immersion heater,Material, its inside heating tube uses SUS316, and its outside covers DuPont PTEE(F6)from America. All Teflon heaters can match with PT-100, Temperature fuse, and temperature switch.PTFE Immersion Heater It is...

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  • Element PTFE Immersion Heater

    Element PTFE Immersion Heater

    Element PTFE Immersion Heater,It is not applicable to heat in over-sticky liquid because poor heat dissipation will influence the service life of the products. We are able to make products according to customers’ request.At present, we...

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  • PTFE Coated Immersion Heater

    PTFE Coated Immersion Heater

    PTFE sleeved 304 stainless elements inert to most solutions up to 212°F (100°C). Low watt density design 10 watts/square inch (1.5w/cm²). Vapor resistant, flame retardant polypropylene terminal enclosure with 3 ft (.9m) flexible PVC...

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  • Teflon (PTFE) L Shape Heater

    Teflon (PTFE) L Shape Heater

    Teflon (PTFE) L Shape Heater,L-type Teflon PTFE tube electric heating tube,can be designed in a variety of structural forms, such as spiral, L-shaped, U-shaped, W-shaped, mosquito-repellent, combined, etc.he installation position of the...

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  • Industrial Teflon Immersion Heater

    Industrial Teflon Immersion Heater

    Industrial Teflon Immersion Heater,Teflon tube electric heater has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. It can be designed into spiral, L, U, W, mosquito and fly, combined type and other...

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  • Teflon Heating Element

    Teflon Heating Element

    Teflon heating element.Teflon heater has electroplating, electrolysis, degreasing, pickling, electroless nickel plating, hydrofluoric acid, anodic oxidation, aluminum irrigation, smelting, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other...

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  • Teflon Fluoropolymer Heaters

    Teflon Fluoropolymer Heaters

    Teflon Fluoropolymer HeatersPtfe heaters are ideal for heating pure or corrosive liquids in containers. Ptfe generally has better corrosion resistance than metal.Teflon Fluoropolymer Heaters Unlike most other heaters that use large...

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  • Teflon Electric Heater

    Teflon Electric Heater

    Teflon heating element (PTFE tubular heater) is a new type of electric heat tube with strong corrosion resistance, which is used for heating various corrosive liquids. Teflon Electric Heater It has excellent aging resistance and...

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