Tubular Heater

  • Tubular Heater

    Tubular Heater

    Tubular Heating Elements is industrial heaters, and the most versatile, dependable and rugged of any heat generating device. These qualities make Tubular Heating Elements an ideal heat source for many applications.

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  • Finned Tube Heater

    Finned Tube Heater

    Finned Tube Heater is one of ‚Äčindustrial heaters,It is most widely used in industrial heaters.In applications where tubular heaters are exposed to forced convection, placing fins around tubular heaters increases their surface area and...

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  • Heating Tube

    Heating Tube

    With 15 years of rich industry experience and knowledge in our factory, we are committed to providing high-quality heating tubes.

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  • Electric Stove Coil Heating Element

    Electric Stove Coil Heating Element

    Electric stove coil heating element is a variety of shapes, specifications and materials customized according to customer requirements. Meet the needs of customers to heat any object.

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  • 240v Heating Element

    240v Heating Element

    240v heating element can be customized and designed into various shapes according to customer requirements to be directly immersed in liquids, such as water, oil, solvents and process solutions, and molten materials. We also added a...

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  • Electric Range Heating Element

    Electric Range Heating Element

    In the production process of electric range heating element, the surface of the pipe has been treated with a special process, which will help the problems in long-term use. At the same time, its structural design has its reliable...

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  • Small Electric Heating Element

    Small Electric Heating Element

    Small electric heating element is a metal tube spring electric heating tube special-shaped heating tube. We accept any special-shaped heating tube customization. 99% reduction of the required alien form.

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  • 120 Volt Heating Elementm

    120 Volt Heating Elementm

    120 volt heating elementm, this is a 120V U-shaped heating tube 304 stainless steel electric heating tube, and it is also a customized heating tube for dry-burning electric ovens. The price of 120 volt heating elementm is very...

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  • 120v Water Heater Element

    120v Water Heater Element

    The specifications of the 120v water heater element can be customized according to any standard of user needs. The liquid type electric heating tube has the characteristics of simple structure and good mechanical properties.

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  • 1000 Watt Heating Element

    1000 Watt Heating Element

    The 1000 watt heating element produced by our factory is made of high-quality stainless steel seamless tubes, magnesium oxide powder with a high temperature resistance of not less than 1600 degrees, nickel-chromium wire heating wire and...

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  • Incoloy Heating Element

    Incoloy Heating Element

    The incoloy heating element adopts incoloy800 nickel alloy seamless steel pipe, NiCr8020 electric heating wire (with nickel content up to 76%) and 99% pure Mgo insulation to ensure a long life and achieve excellent thermal conductivity.

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  • Lower Heating Element Water Heater

    Lower Heating Element Water Heater

    The thermal efficiency of lower heating element water heate can generally reach 70%. The production process of lower heating element water heate is very mature, and there will be no local high temperature.

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