Coil Heater

  • Hot Runner Coil Heater

    Hot Runner Coil Heater

    Industrial heaters-coil heater As an Industrial heaters supplier,Hot runner coil heater is made of nickel chrome resistance wire placed inside chrome nickel steel tube filled with Mgo powder and compacted for faster and efficient...

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  • Hot Runner Heaters

    Hot Runner Heaters

    hot runner heaters, also known as cable heaters, can be made into various shapes according to their various applications. However hot runner heaters are often configured as small diameter, high-performance nozzle heaters,

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  • Electric Coil Heater

    Electric Coil Heater

    Our factory has 15 years of manufacturing experience. We can manufacture all specifications of the Electric Coil Heater.

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  • Coil Heater Element

    Coil Heater Element

    The coil heater element is a common product in our factory. All products of different specifications of the coil heater element. The annual sales volume is 1 million.

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  • Heater Hot Runner

    Heater Hot Runner

    The heater hot runner is made of high-quality stainless steel materials and strict process technology. The heater hot runner has various forms of round section, square section and flat section. The outer surface has bright and...

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  • Heater Expert Solution

    Heater Expert Solution

    The heating rod of the hot runner heater is made of special production technology and high-quality materials, which is durable and ensures efficient operation in a tight space, even when the heating jacket temperature reaches 700...

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  • Immersion Coil Heater

    Immersion Coil Heater

    This hot runner heater is suitable for the industry in building materials stores, manufacturing plants, food and beverage factories, farms, retail, food vendors, and is certified with CNES, SGS, ISO9001, CE, IAF. Product advantages...

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  • Hot Runner Design

    Hot Runner Design

    Coil hot runner heater for extruder Hot Runner Design Coil heater for runner design The heater is made of nickel-chromium resistance wire and placed in the chrome-nickel steel tube filled with MgO powder. After...

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  • Runner Injection Moulding

    Runner Injection Moulding

    runner injection moulding High quality stainless steel bushing coil heater The hot runner coil heater has a continuous operating temperature of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to low construction quality, heating and cooling...

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  • Geyser Heating Element Coil 2kw Triangle

    Geyser Heating Element Coil 2kw Triangle

    Injection molding machine hot runner coil heater Injection mold hot channel coil heater mold heater coil heater.The mould heater is made of ni-cr resistance wire,German hot runner take-up heater Geyser Heating Element Coil 2kw...

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  • Geyser Coil

    Geyser Coil

    The mould heater is made of nickel-chromium resistance wire, placed in a nickel-chromium steel tube, filled with MgO powder, heat transfer faster and more efficient after compaction. The heater is annealed to obtain ductility that can...

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  • Electric Heater Coil

    Electric Heater Coil

    230v industrial straight wire hot channel coil industrial hot runner straight wire coil for external use of high quality nickel-chrome steel pipe, internal use of high purity magnesium oxide, high temperature resistant wire,...

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We're well-known as one of the leading coil heater manufacturers and suppliers in China for our quality products and custom service. Please feel free to buy or wholesale bulk coil heater at competitive price from our factory.Using my products to create value for you is our company's philosophy as always. Our goal is to provide our customers with higher quality and cost-effective dimplex thermostatic tubular heater, heat resistant mat kitchen, aluminum casting.