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TS heater Founded in 2009, belong to factory investment company, with strong technical & products knowledge support. Rely on our unique professional knowledge and experience in all kinds of heaters, we have close relation cooperation with lots of factories. TS focused on electric & industry heaters’ technology research, development, co-production and sales. Mainly engaged in electric heating tube, shaped tubular heater, cartridge heater, Teflon heater, Hot runner heater, cast in aluminum/iron/brass heater, Thermocouple, TC, RTD pt100, Nickel Chrome ni80cr20, Heating cable, Blanket Drum heater, Silicone heater, Mica band heater, Ceramic heater, ........ Wholesale materials: Mica plate, ceramic insulator and ceramic rods, MGO powder and MGO rods, Tube heaters’ screws and other spare parts, glass fiber sleeve, high temperature wire, resistance wire, heating wire .......

All the products are widely used in electroplating, chemical, plastics, machinery, electronics, photo-voltaic and other industries. To ensure the reliability of product quality, from the procurement of raw materials to manufacturing processes then the final inspection and testing, all are adhere to the most stringent international standard CE RoHS UL approved .That’s why our electric heaters, heating materials, sell well all over the country, exported to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe and the United States regions and countries.

TS ‘s technician, practitioners electric heater industry for 15 years, familiar with the entire heater production line, fully know how to control the equipment, materials, production. So we service customer technical guidance, as well as help to settle the machine equipment , and operations. If necessary, we can provide the complete sets of machinery&equipment, and technical guidance. TS’ Manager engaged in import and export business for 8 years, heater market for 7 years, familiar with market demand, and products knowledge. If the customer needs special pre-sale consulting, after-sales service, the General Manager will personally deal with them one by one, give you a satisfactory answer.

Advanced technology, quality products,fast delivery, customer first service are our business purpose. TS company will continue to strive for the latest technology and materials. Constantly innovation, create better products for customer. Looking forward for your cooperation.